A cat and his puppy..

When Big Kev was a puppy, Pete, the ginger, and he had a loving friendship, which is still in place today, although Kevin doesn't lay around with Pete much anymore, they are still good friends.. It made me laugh, seeing Pete with "his" puppy, a funny little Chihuahua cross with giant ears and a love for a ginger kitty.. Whilst, at times, running a rescue can be so, so hard emotionally mainly, when you have this going on, when your rescue cat who you pulled from a roofspace with his sister as a tiny kitten, and your rescue puppy just hang out and are so, so kind to each other, regardless of species, it just lightens the heart and brings a smile.. YP Puppy Rescue... where kindness is our culture..

Opublikowany przez YP Puppy Rescue Poniedziałek, 28 września 2020